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Our well-curated packages will make your travel planning to La Fortuna, Costa Rica easy and smooth. Simply choose which package best represents your interests and let us do the rest. All our packages include lodging, activities, and local expert advice. Contact us to get your package booked or customized. 

Rainforest Adventure Package 

Rush down rapids, rappel through waterfalls, and ride along the base of a Volcano, a package for everyone's inner adrenaline junkie! Hop into your raft while you paddle against jungle river rapids, tighten your harness as you drop down 165 feet to the canyon floor, and rip around on an ATV through the primary and secondary rainforest, reaching the majestic Arenal Volcano. 

Package includes:

- Two nights' accommodation 

- Rafting class III- IV

- Canyoning

- Double ATV

Volcano Trek & Night Hike Package

Immerse yourself in an up close and personal experience with this package that takes you trekking to the base of Arenal volcano by day and walking with wildlife at night. Engage all your senses as you smell tropical flora and fauna, hear the calls of rainforest wildlife and observe the majestic volcano.


Package includes:

- Two nights' accommodation

- Volcano Hike

- Night Walk

Pura Vida Package 

Spot Costa Rica's most famous wildlife - the sloth, in its natural habitat as you walk along flat, relaxed trails while learning about these fascinating creatures. Next, immerse yourself in the therapeutic thermal hot springs straight from Arenal Volcano as you relax and unwind.

Package includes:

- Two nights' accommodation

- Sloth Tour

- Hot Springs + lunch or dinner option

Natural Wonders Package

Spend your day smelling the aromas of robust coffee, sipping on freshly roasted and freshly brewed coffee!  Then enjoy mixing and tasting your own chocolate creation! Next up, one of  Costa Rica’s favorite pastimes, spotting sloths!  Slow down and take a moment with these natural wonders of the jungle by day.  Then trek into the night to experience the nocturnal world as it livens up with frogs, owls, snakes, spiders, and luminescent plants.

Package includes:

- Two nights' accommodation 

- Sloth + Chocolate + Coffee Tour

- Night Walk

Starting at $665,00 incl. tax

Starting at $375,00 incl. tax

Starting at $393,00 incl. tax

Starting at $440,00 incl. tax

Action-Relaxation Package 

Splash and float your way through river rapids and hot pools with this action-relaxation package. Paddle through river rapids on an adrenaline-pumping rafting tour, exhilarating the whole body from head to toe! Rejuvenate and replenish your body and mind with a relaxing day soaking up nourishing minerals straight from Arenal Volcano thermal hot springs.


Package includes:

- Two nights accommodation 

- Rafting class III -IV

- Hot Springs

Starting at $480,00 incl. tax

Nature Exploration Package

Board a riverboat and explore the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge. A unique wildlife observing experience, spotting numerous species of birds, monkeys, iguanas, caiman, fish and other wildlife. After a day on the river, relax and unwind in detoxifying hot springs straight from Arenal Volcano.


Package includes:

- Two nights accommodation 

- Caño Negro Tour 

- Hot Springs + Dinner

Starting at $528,00 incl. tax

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